CREATION, BEAUTY, COMMUNITIES I am up to something new. I am creating the possibility of beauty, a thriving business and a connected community of family and friends. I am excited by the realization of everyone dream and aspirations. I want to create a world where there is no limits in the level of achievement that one can hope for and where one can unlock the potential of individuals and help them recreate themselves and the world. I work with talented people toward the goal of creating beauty for my clients. I work with architects, decorators, graphic artists, creators and suppliers of products of unique qualities.  We create places of refined crafts by gathering and offering the finest artistic products and services one can wish for. We gather inspiration from the world and we work with the world. We get inspiration from engaging with the best in the field of design, architecture and the visual arts to create unique homes and spaces for community engagement, cultural activities, for work and in life, to inspire, to touch and move each other. Artistic activities and humanistic development go together to achieve a balanced world. Technologies are tools of discovery, creation and communication. We are a connected space of engagement for ideas, to trade and exchange with the world. Our organization is one within which one can learn, develop and create. We welcome new talents and apprentices interested in growing and developing ideas with us, for themselves and others.